Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 A new leaf?

With the coming of the new year, maybe I'll really do what I had intended, that is begin blogging as an attempt to track some of my activities, ideas, events, etc.
6 months ago, my last entry, I was excited about my approaching retirement. Success! I am retired, had a lovely party recognizing my efforts, received a document saying so from the city, the proverbial clock from my employer, and best of all freedom from the daily grind. I had some concerns about feeling useless, not earning my keep, not being active, etc but I overcame all those obstacles. Time management, another concern seems to be taking care of itself. I have decided to visit my folks at least once a month, for several (3-4) days at a time, and to spend at least that much time, if not twice a month with my son and his family. I'm not staying on schedule, but I've been going back and forth so much, I feel like a visitor in my own home at times. I've been able to sign on as a substitute in the library system, and have put in a few days so far, which is good for me to try to stay familiar with the tasks, programs, situations. It also helps with my activities with the library 'friends' group, a responsibility which I promised to stay with even though I am really ready to give it all up.
Of course, I have to continue with my hobbies, especially the quilting and other craft work. I started knitting socks and find it not as hard as I feared. I am madly sewing cats for a full sized quilt, and have fabric for baby quilts, since there are two new great niece/nephew type people on the horizon. I want to contact the American Legion Auxiliary to find out about the quilts donated to veterans, and start assembling some. I have to get geared up for gardening, have a perennial flower garden to dig up and replant because I didn't get it done last fall. I need more mulch, rich soil and compost for my raised beds, and must plan what to plant. I have a recumbent bike to master, and need to schedule regular rides on it. I would like to get more involved with actually cooking meals, which takes more planning than I'm used to doing. I have an iTunes gift card and want to make good use of it.
To be continued...sometime.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Today was a milestone.  I filled out my PERA application for my retirement pension.  Whoa! does that sound old!  And I sent in  my resignation to the HR dept.  Yippee!!!  A few steps are needed to be able to send all the pension information, but I'm well on my way.  There is, of course, an option to call a halt to everything, but no way, Jose.  I am retiring as of Aug 29, come what may.  As my husband says, I will probably want to find some kind of job, and I do have the option to continue at the library on a substitute basis, so this isn't the end of life as I know it.  But it is a good start!

Once HR processes my resignation, they can post the job and we can start the 'search' for my replacement.  I have talked to 2 ladies in town who may be interested in applying and in my opinion may be good in the job.  One major upcoming issue is the need for expansion of the library.  I sort of started, but got nowhere.  I don't think it was totally my lack of forcefulness, but my being a 'lame duck',  didn't help the process on my part or on the part of the city, the entity which will build.  No matter, I will continue being involved in the Friends group and will have much to do with the expansion, whether I want to or not.  

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday nite

I was getting severely beaten in my scrabble game so decided to add the quilt pictures to my blog.  

First is the baby quilt and pillow for Isaiah.

Second is the orange 'ugly fabric' table topper.  
Third is the fruit table topper for my aunt

Fourth is the patriotic table topper for my sister in law.

They are all quickly and easily done, and then given away.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quilt Plans

Now that I am done with my house quilt, I have to find another big project to start.  A group somewhere out East is making quilts for every injured vet of the Iraq war.  I planned to put together a top and send it to them.  (They seem to think that machine quilting is superior to other kinds of finishing--I disagree)  I have been gifted with 2 huge pieces of red fabric and purchased blue and yellow to fill in.  Now I've picked a pattern and find I want some off white to make it real patriotic colors.  I hope to get some at a bargain price...  
Other projects I need to finish or start:  1.  Grandmother's flower shower curtain;  2. fleece projects (another gift of fabric--this time sample swatches too small for anything individually, and too weird to combine, but I'll try); 3.  baby quilts for great nieces Amber and Isabella;  4. scrap bag for Vicki to give to Ben's new girlfriend.  That's all I can think of at the moment.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm back!

It seems like ages since I've signed in, and I had a little trouble getting here.  It's definitely time to get back into the cyberstream.  (I just read a news blurb that English politicians are not supposed to use buzzwords that confuse their constituents.  I don't much like jargon myself...)

I have decided to try to regularly post a sort of almanac of gardening, quilting, grandchildren and other important activities in my life.  I don't think anyone else will find it interesting, but if I am consistent, I should  have a good record of what I've done.  There are a couple reasons this is important to me.  1.  I like to know how my gardening compares one year to another.  2. It is good to have a record of quilt projects, just to be able to pat myself on the back now and again.  3. I'm going to have another grandchild in July and expect to have to brag a little.  

I'll have to back track a bit to brag about the results of gardening efforts.  This spring was unusually cold, with snow well into April.  Apr 12 happened to be warm enough to stir the soil in my raised bed gardens and allow planting.  I put in radish, beet, spinach, lettuce and snow pea seeds, and with Mike's help put on a plastic cover to create a green house effect (sounds like a bad word).  I was thrilled that the seeds grew, and I had radishes, spinach and lettuce in May, before other gardeners were able to work the soil.  :-)  I replanted radishes and we've had the second harvest of them, and the third planting are showing second leaves.  My first snow pea is on the vine, and there are lots of blossoms.  The tomato plants are beginning to have blossoms, the bunching onions are skinny little spears.  The pepper plants look spindly
but I have hopes they will muscle up.  
This is our second year using the raised beds and we had to adjust the soil to produce root crops as well as green growth.  We added good southern Minnesota farm soil, compost, and bone meal to get a better balance of the ppk combination.  (I think those are the letters--potassium-phosphorus-etc)  The radishes assured me that we accomplished it.  Yea Mike and me.  
When I retire in the fall (yea me) I plan to dig out my flower beds, ream out the cherry tree sprouts, and seed grass in part of the area.  I have to thin the irises and day lilies, and decide what else to keep or throw.  Fun.  

Monday, April 21, 2008

Successful Sale

Our book sale last Thursday and Friday was quite satisfactory.  I did less this time around than ever before.  Yea me!  That means my volunteers and 'friends' did the lion's share of planning, working and getting credit.  Yea them!  And I especially love it that the leftovers are being recycled, not just thrown out.  

The weather has turned around, and we have a  couple of warm, sunny days in a row.  I persuaded my husband to help me make a mini green house out of one of our raised bed gardens and I planted peas, radishes and spinach yesterday.  We'll see.....

I also stripped the paint from a small cupboard built nearly 60 years ago by my dad and used by my older sister and her family.  I intend to use it as a toy cupboard for my granddaughter when I get the many layers of paint off and a fresh coat back on.  I used to really enjoy the process of refinishing furniture, but it seems pretty strenuous now.  Either I have to work on my upper body strength or give it up.  (never!!!)

FOCAL (friend's of the library) meeting tonite. Must plan the annual meeting and summer reading kickoff party.  It's always something.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Book Sale Time

Every spring, we have a fundraiser book sale at the library.  We request donations from the public and usually get a fantastic quantity of books.  This year, we've gotten fewer books overall, but they seem to be a good variety and condition.  I am continually amazed that so many people in this relatively small area have so many good books they are willing to give away, and then they will come and buy more.  The library profits,  as well as serves as a terrific recycling agent.  
For many years, I felt that I was conducting the book sale single handed.  Since our friends group formed, I've had a lot of help, and for the past 2 years, I have done very little work.  It is wonderful to have such dedicated and generous people who are willing to take on the responsibilities.  

Granddaughter is growing up.  She is 10 1/2 months old, and is almost walking.  She feeds herself, knows what toys she wants to play with, and is showing more personality all the time. Her little sibling will arrive in about 4 months and she will become a 'big sister'.  Life will change dramatically then.  I can't wait.  Her parents are trying to prepare themselves, mentally as well as domestically.   Makes me smile.